It all started when...

It all started when my friends and family asked me to do their nails at home. It became an interest, a hobby, a good way to care for my dear people. But when I moved to Copenhagen 5 years ago I saw what a special place this is. Due to the climate many people have weakened health of their nails. A few friends here where shocked of what miracles regular organic care can do to their tender nails. After extensive studies, seven international certificates and 4-year experience at salons I started a solo-journey with own place near Vesterport.

Organic Nail Care is my sacred place where I take only individual clients and can give exceptional service. The interior will help you relax and unwind during the day. Take a sneak peek yourself. Manicure and pedicure equipment is one that I have always dreamt to have. The organic products will for sure protect and bring new life to your nails. Please try to have a reservation early as I am usually booked for the few weeks ahead. I’m most happy when we can squeeze regular visits well into your schedule.


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First time there? No worries! You will find the entrance on the backside of the building by the parking lot behind the car rental firm Hertz. For any guidance you’re welcome to call me.